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Poptávka po našem vínu v Itálii

Vážení vinaři,

níže zasílám dopis (v angličtině) s poptávkou po našem vínu v Itálii. Pokud máte možnost a záměr do Itálie exportovat, prosím ozvěte se na níže uvedený kontakt.

Pavel Krška za Národní vinařské centrum

Dear Sirs,

I'm writing You after our meeting at Prowein, in these last days. My name is Giovanni Zini and I run an import/export company based in Italy (Venice area). Our range of products are mainly quality wines, spirits and beers. We are focused on horeca channel so our customers are fine restaurants, nice wine bars and hotels..etc..We are always looking for products with an excellent quality-price ratio, as it is in the case of Your excellent products.

As we are studying the possibility to increase our import portfolio, we wonder if there would be an eventuality that You could be interest in a collaboration with our company, to expand Your sales also in the Italian market. Surely the competition in Italy is high but some of the clients that I serve there is always an increasing interest for good products of other countries like in Your case. On the other hand we are implementing a web portal where we could offer some interesting and wide range products from many countries and of many varieties. If You think You may be interest in our proposal, please do not hesitate to contact me anytime at the following:

E-mail: g.zini2@virgilio.it
Fax: +39 (0)444 452551
Mobile: +39 348 7479646

Looking forward to hearing from You and thanking You in advance for Your cooperation,
My best regards,

Giovanni Zini - Palazzo Rosso

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