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Why use www.ovine.cz?

http://www.ovine.cz/ („about wine") is an independent and non-profit, private activity of a group of wine lovers.

As we like to drink wines with friends, we also like to share our expierences. That´s why we write here down, what wines are about, we publish our findings, wine events, tastings, presentations, wine restaurants and many others - all about wine and drinking culture.

We started this project in 2002 as two guys, but now we are several dozen authors, daily contributing for http://www.ovine.cz/

There are thousands of articles, stored in our website, including photos. You can also find a wide range of wine labels here. We present a collection of vineyard maps in our country. Many important and also interesting facts are also to be found in our on-line Encyclopedia.

Having trouble with your wine collection inventory? Use our free „Virtual cellar", offering all you need. Forumss, blogs, events - what you prefer. This is a free service, no annoying ads or spam... no limits!

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